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About Us

I started taking videos of wildlife about 6 years ago. I throughly enjoy the outdoors and the blessings of seeing wildlife.

I reside in Pinckney, Michigan. I work full time with

We also travel to Gaylord, Newaygo, Barton City & Hubbard Lake, Michigan where we have produced video and hunted a few different areas.

I look forward to traveling the world in an attempt to produce more wildlife and hunting videos. So if you have some great wildlife to video call me and we'll come out and put it on DVD.

About you and helping others:

  • I hope you enjoy the photos on the website

  • I hope you enjoy the DVD's

  • If you like it, I hope you pass along the link to others

  • If you have a hunt or wildlife you want to have a movie of call me.

  • I hope you get a chance get out in the woods and enjoy nature!

Thanks for choosing

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